“Nicole loves her horse so much she doesn’t even know she’s in treatment!”   Eli

~Nicole’s mom~

“We were skeptical at first, but after a few week we began to notice improvements in our son’s posture on unsteady surfaces like the teeter totter and swings. As the weeks continued his language utterances also began to get longer.”

~Ben’s parents~

“We got really excited when after some weeks in hippotherapy Hannah started sitting straighter at the table and began to peddle her bike for the first time!”

~Hannah’s mom~

“We have been foster parents for many years. Each child entrusted to our care comes with a different set of abilities and issues. In the past we have had trouble finding therapy that was effective for children in our care. That is, until we stumbled upon TherapyWorks NW. At this time we have four children all attending therapy at TWNW. Our most amazing difference is with a child we have adopted at birth. We credit her success in no small part due to her many years working with the therapists at TherapyWorks NW. Her core strength and balance improved within the first months of therapy, and she has improved upon that skill ever since. Liana, Camille, and Betty’s ability to make meaningful contact with their clients is second to none. They extract the very most out of our children and at the same time make the whole process fun and comfortable. When faced with adopting another child with special needs, we didn’t hesitate to take on a newborn with Down Syndrome knowing TWNW and the therapists are there to help us along the path. Our boy is now almost 7 months old and his medical providers are in AWE of his stellar progress. We consider ourselves very lucky to have TWNW working with our children and recommend them without the slightest reservation”

~Dr. Kymberlee A Lake ~