Sponsor a Horse

In order to provide the extra care for our horses at TherapyWorks NW, we have created the Sponsor a Horse Program. This program focuses on bringing the overhead cost of offering Hippotherapy down by helping take care of the cost of hay, farrier, supplements, veterinary care, tack, bedding, and paying our equine staff. The annual average cost for our horse care is  $100,000. 

Our unique treatment strategy of hippotherapy would not be possible without our team of horses. The Sponsor a Horse Program is essential in providing financial assistance. The cost of a full sponsorship for one year of care is $7,200 and this cost is estimated for the maintenance for each individual horse.

Sponsor a Horse Donors Receive:
-A tax deductible donation receipt
-Name hanging in barn
-Personalized letter of recognition

All Sponsor a Horse contributions are designated to the care of the horses and can be made on a one-time or a monthly basis.

Sponsorship Amounts 
$7,200: Full sponsorship for a year
$3,600: Half sponsorship for a year
$600: Full sponsorship for a month
$300: Half sponsorship for a month
$150: Quarter sponsorship for a month

Horses available for sponsorship:

Please contact: [email protected] for more information. Thank you!

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