At TherapyWorks NW, we value our volunteers and know that their help is a key component of keeping our services going. Volunteers get to interact with our therapists, horse handlers, and our horses!

We are always accepting volunteer applications to help with various areas. The biggest area for volunteers to help out is in the barn, and these are just some of the ways one can volunteer at our clinic:
-Horse Care and Barn Cleaning
-Horse Training Assist

Sidewalker: During hippotherapy, we always need a sidewalker to assist the therapists and the horse handlers during the session. Hippotherapy involves one therapist (sometimes two during a co-treat), a horse handler, and a sidewalker. Often times the sidewalker is asked to participate as well, whether that is holding something up or grabbing items off of the shelves for the child. Hippotherapy sessions are typically 30 minutes in length, though some are shorter. Sidewalkers commit to coming in weekly for their desired shift.

Barn requirements:
– Must be comfortable around horses (no direct prior horse experience necessary!)
-At least 17 years of age

-Must have proof of vaccination (covid-19)

Sidewalker specific requirements:
– Must be physically able to walk alongside a horse while holding onto the rider’s leg for the duration of the ride (with right arm)
– Must be physically able to pull a child (~50 pounds) off the horse in case of emergency
– At least 17 years of age

– -Must have proof of vaccination (covid-19)

For additional inquiries about volunteering, please email our volunteer coordination team at: [email protected]